glob•al girl [gloh-buhl gurl] –(n.) – 1. a person who is curious about the world and aspires to make a difference; 2. someone who takes an interest in the world and its people, hoping we can all better understand and learn from each other.









 This website developed as a project for a publishing class, and is about empowerment and encouraging leadership among women and girls. It is designed to be inclusive and universal, and is meant to be a launching point for readers to learn and discover more about the inspiring people all around them.
















Today's media seems to have lost their focus. Women and girls deserve better, and need to see more positive examples in the  media. Come on... let's change the conversation and focus on REAL role models!



I Really Haven't Traveled Anywhere. Can I be a Global Girl?


Yes! This site isn't about the places you've been - it's about looking forward to the possibilities ahead. You don't have to step outside your front door to take an interest in the world and its people. Being globally-minded doesn't mean trekking off to exotic places (although that sounds really, really nice)! The Internet has opened up the world to so many, giving people all over the world a chance to better understand and learn from each other.

What Do Global Girls Look Like?


Global Girls are tall, short, skinny, overweight, have acne and bad hair days, and sometimes wear glasses and braces. In a word, they are REAL, and need to see positive role models and contemporaries in the media.


Global Girls are interested in learning new things, but have their own ideas and opinions and don’t need to be told what to think or what trends to follow. They are smart and determined but still like to have fun, and aim to become the best people they can be while still being true to themselves.


What's on This Site?


This project is divided into two main parts - brief profiles of inspiring people and an "In the News" blog updated with more recent stories. There's also a quick quiz featuring some interesting facts from the site.


There are so many people doing incredible things we rarely read about from day to day, but only a few were chosen for sake of brevity. Many of the people noted here have an impact that crosses several categories, which is even more amazing. The lesson for us all: Be EXTRAordinary!

Final Thoughts...


It became very clear during research and production of this site that two things are desperately needed in our world today: a solid education and opportunities for all young people to flourish. In a world where some girls are forbidden to even attend school, there must be opportunities for women to survive and thrive. I hope this site inspires Global Girls (and Guys!) of all ages to make an impact of their own.





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